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Service Tech I - The View Apartments

The Maintenance Technician I is responsible for assisting the maintenance team in all aspects of the maintenance of the property and grounds as assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor.


Common Area Maintenance

  • Patrol grounds, attend to any landscaping issues, maintain pet stations, pick up trash / debris / pet waste
  • Inspect and maintain paving, parking, curbing, curb stops, sidewalks
  • Maintain pool and all associated equipment, inspect and maintain pool fencing/gate, clean and maintain pool / clubhouse bathrooms (Check for and maintain proper chemical ratios/logs in accordance with State law if CPO certified)
  • Inspect and maintain site fencing / retaining walls / handrails / all other fall/trip hazards
  • Inspect and maintain exterior lights / photocells / and associated electrical components
  • Patrol and inspect for sewer backups, water main breaks, leaks, and frozen water lines.  Complete necessary routine repairs when required
  • Inspect laundry facility / associated equipment and complete preventative maintenance on a routine basis
  • Inspect and maintain all other common area amenities on a routine basis
  • Report lease violations to office staff

Unit Make Ready Process  -  vacant units

  • Adjust thermostats in vacant apartments for responsible energy conservation
  • Perform routine checks, repairs and replacements of typical make-ready components and any/all other required items as detailed on the punch sheet
  • Inspect vacant units for water intrusion and or other risk related issues
  • Communicate with maintenance supervisor and/or property manager regarding any deficiencies in unit condition that have not already been identified

Exterior Building Maintenance

  • Maintain, repair, and replace windows, doors and associated hardware including glass panes, screens, latches, locks, hinges, shutters, etc.
  • Inspect and maintain exterior siding, stair treads, handrails, patio enclosures, balconies and all other carpentry related aspects of the property.

Resident Customer Service and Communication

  • Exercise diplomacy, professionalism and a cordial manner at all times in dealing with the residents, staff, management, vendors, contractors and other associates
  • Understand and demonstrate quality customer service to all residents and prospective residents by communicating in a polite and courteous manner on a daily basis
  • Always observe and abide by the requirements set forth by the fair housing authorities
  • Always work to ensure the respect, privacy, rights and confidentiality of all residents by never disclosing or discussing any privileged information obtained as a result of your position or unit entry

Occupied Apartment Maintenance – Service Requests and Scheduled Routine Maintenance

  • Complete all required documentation per company protocol when performing work in occupied units
  • Ensure that all routine service requests are completed promptly and satisfactorily within a 24-hour period (and that, consistent with the preceding, all required documentation is submitted in a timely basis consistent with protocol)
  • Perform repairs and maintenance, as requested, on all property-provided appliances including but not limited to ranges, refrigerators/ice-makers, dishwashers, water heaters, washers/dryers
  • Replace property-provided appliances when necessary
  • Perform miscellaneous minor electrical repairs as instructed by Maintenance Supervisor
  • Perform reliable assessment and accurate determination of the source of leaks/water intrusion and take corrective action.
  • Replace/repair plumbing fixtures (including sinks, faucets, pop-ups, toilets, traps, supply lines, etc) and attend to various other plumbing-related issues such as clogged lines and water pressure issues
  • Door/window/lock repair and or replacement.
  • Minor carpentry repair and painting.
  • Light fixture/ceiling fan/smoke-carbon monoxide detector, blind repair and or replacement.
  • Pest remediation.
  • Perform scheduled AC filter and life/safety detector inspections.

Efficiency and Expense Control

  • At all times, attempt to conserve energy, water, gas, and/or any other resources of the property
  • Minimize waste of materials and parts regardless of what they cost – use sound judgment when evaluating any item for replacement versus repair
  • Properly maintain company-provided equipment, tools, materials, and workspace

Risk Management

  • Observe all safety precautions, standards and procedures by adhering to OSHA, EPA and corporate requirements/guidelines
  • When on call, ensure that emergency maintenance is performed promptly and efficiently during non-working hours
  • Ensure that policies and procedures related to keys/locks are followed
  • Report any specific problems or injuries to Maintenance Supervisor and/or Community Manager immediately
  • Report any inappropriate conduct or behavior by outside contractors, residents, and/or coworkers to the Maintenance Supervisor and/or Community Manager immediately

Job Requirements:
  • CPO certification preferred (may be required)

  • Must have minimum of one-year experience in residential apartment maintenance

  • Must be capable of lifting a minimum of 50lbs

  • Must be capable of walking, climbing and working from ladders

  • Must maintain valid drivers license and vehicle insurance at all times

  • Must be able to work with minimum supervision

  • Must have average verbal and written communication skills

  • Must be available to accept after hour and weekend on-call responsibility

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