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Best and Worst Halloween Candy

4 tips for staying healthy this Halloween!

If you are like many parents in America, your kid(s) recently spent the evening of October 31st acquiring as much candy as their tiny arms could carry back from your neighbors’ houses. And since that proved to be way too much to eat in one sitting, you are probably forcing them to eat that candy over the next couple of days or weeks. So is there anything you can do to protect them from all that candy without causing them to burst into tears? If you are going to try to stop them from eating the worst of it, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) BAD – Stay away from Candy Corn. Since it is usually served in a bowl on the table, it’s easy to eat a ton of these little guys without realizing what you are doing. Stick with candy that comes in single-serving containers.

2) GOOD – Lollipops are a surprisingly good way to satisfy a candy craving. These suckers have relatively little sugar, almost no fat, and take a long time to eat. They still aren’t great for your teeth, but compared to other candy options, they are a winner.

3) BAD – Sadly, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are among the worst candies for your kids. The pumpkin-shaped cups that often get passed out on Halloween can contain 180 calories each to go along with 11.5 grams of fat. Sorry to say, stay away.

4) GOOD – Smarties are another decent option if your kids are reaching for the candy. Sure, they’re basically straight sugar. But that means they contain relatively little fat, and they are so sweet that your kid might be ready to put down the candy bucket after just one roll.

Halloween may feel like a losing battle for parents, but remember: not all candy is created equal! Try steering your kids away from the worst of it while you wait for them to lose interest (which should happen by the time they turn 20).

Happy Halloween!