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TruGreen Production - Roanoke VA
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TruGreen Production - Roanoke VA

31 Wells St
Salem, VA
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  • Len F
    Noviembre 2017
    Good service, on time and effective. GREAT people....all the reps I've met were knowledgeable, patient, and very polite. Will stay with TruGreen unless something drastic changes.
  • Roy Quesenberry
    Noviembre 2017
    Lawn is looking much better. It is almost weed free and the grass is very green. I have received many compliments on my lawn.
  • Scott Forney
    Noviembre 2017
    The cost of TruGreen, is less than do-it-yourself lawn care and you get better results.
  • Lois Edmonds
    Diciembre 2017
    Experience with applicators Excellent. I quit using True Green because of billing problems and problems in getting answers to my questions.
  • Matthew Brown
    Abril 2018
    The customer service is where they shine. I have had some issues here and there with results, but EVERY time I call, write, or otherwise contact them, they make it right - quickly. That says a lot and goes a long way to put a customer at ease.
  • Robert Matthews
    Abril 2018
    TruGreen let me pick the plan I could afford and still get the benefits of a service put together for my lawn.
  • Susanne Singer
    Abril 2018
    That True Green gives very personal service and that your employees have been well trained and are very professional and helpful, especially in answering questions.
  • Stephen Haer
    Abril 2018
    I really like the weed control Trugreen has. Your spray does a much better job of controlling weeds than I have been able to do using weed control fertlizer and other sprays.
  • Ann R Keys
    Abril 2018
    TruGreen has provided excellent care of my lawn and trees/shrubs for several years now. Their service people are always polite and well-informed.
  • Dallas Jordan
    Mayo 2018
    Very impressed with the professionalism and service. Really impressed with the efficiency and the well communicated services. Glad to have such a trusted and proven name.
  • Susan Woods
    Mayo 2018
    Very personable Technician arrived and explained just what he was going to do. Customer service was very helpful in finding the right plan for me at the right price. My lawn is already looking better than it ever has before after only one treatment.
  • Amber Lavinder
    Mayo 2018
    I was outside when the Specialist, Robert, came to treat my yard for the first time! He was very knowledgeable and nice! He told me exactly what he was going to do and was on point with how long it would take for the weeds in my yard to die out! After one treatment my yard is already looking better!
  • Carol Rose
    Junio 2018
    We were over run by a vine that choked out the grass and made the lawn look awful. By killing the vine and fertilizing the grass our lawn is awesome looking. Much better than any other lawn in our subdivision
  • Charlene Yancey
    Junio 2018
    Trugreen has made my lawn look so much better. My lawn is thicker and greener and I am very happy with their the professional service. Thanks so much.
  • Homer Witcher
    Junio 2018
    Our lawn is green and we are very satisfied with the results.
  • Keith Rotenizer
    Junio 2018
    Always answers the phone. Yard looks good. Service person was really good to talk to. The person who services our yard stopped and talked to me and was very informative
  • Wayne Cahoon
    Julio 2018
    Your company does what it says it is going to do. If not satisfied with their work, they will redo until you are satisfied.
  • Wayne Morgan
    Julio 2018
    My wife and I are in our second summer using the mosquito service. It has worked far better than we had expected. I would highly recommend this service if you spend a lot time on your deck or patio.
  • Ruddie Scarponi
    Agosto 2018
    The first technician was phasing out and didnt particularly do a thourough job with explanation. However, the second one is phenomenal but I still really havent felt like I have really understood the yard process and thats probably well documented by my consistent calling and question asking. My yard after 3 treatments doesnt look better then when I started and its not clear when it will. One said next year, another said my this july(didnt happen), and one said by this Fall. So there really isnt a clear consensus on whats happening. Also, Ive had evaluation people come out whom are supposed to see how my yard is doing who couldnt explain the process. However, again my current specialist has been patient and tries his best to explain things. I trust him. But Im not sure that my specialists is responsible for what I have fully paid for, aeration, like, etc and so he may not understand the process of whats the overall timeline and objective for my yard. The sheets they give out after each treatment are super generic and its just not very detailed and frankly not very useful. A more personalized approach such as watering directions, specialists guidance on mower height (instead of high or medium), frequency of mowing, individual advice on current weather style, etc. I realize these are touched on but not necessary personalized. The above are just some suggestions and feedback. Should any questions arise please feel free to reach out.
  • Tom Chaffin
    Agosto 2018
    We have used other lawn care companies but found the best overall results by choosing TruGreen. Thicker, greener lawn and very few weeds.
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