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TruGreen Sales - Runnemede NJ
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TruGreen Sales - Runnemede NJ

165 E 9th Ave
Runnemede, NJ
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  • Joe Cantwell
    Noviembre 2017
    When TRUGREEN first started to treat our lawn I was very skeptical. I was sure they would be just like all the others.NOPE,I was wrong. They are the best. Our lawn has never looked better. Even our backyard looks good. We follow their direction to maintain and it pays off. When they tell you how to cut properly and water it works. TRUGREEN really understands lawns.
  • Dave Marciniak
    Diciembre 2017
    I'm very pleased with the results achieved as a new TruGreen customer. My lawn is looking great!
  • Billy Hartman
    Diciembre 2017
    I have used TRUGreen for 17 years in New Jersey and 6 Years in Atlanta Ga.. My lawn and shrubs have always been the best in the neighborhood. The technisions have always been friendly and well informed. Anytime an additional application has been needed due to aggressive circumstances, the response has been quick. The services provided are before a problem exists. I always know I do not have to worry about my lawn and landscaping.
  • Ronak Patel
    Diciembre 2017
    Good product and works but needs better customer interaction for first time users.
  • George Campbell
    Diciembre 2017
    My lawn changed to one of the best on the block after my change to TruGreen. Very satisfied with service.
  • James Watson
    Diciembre 2017
    Tru-green toward the end of summer aerated my front lawn and re-seeded it. Their workers did an outstanding job. My lawn at present is beautiful and it is easy to recognize the efforts of their labor and the quality of the seed they planted. Thanks Tru-Green
  • Elaine Sullivan
    Febrero 2018
    Treatments cleared up all weed, crummy grass and empty spots on our lawn. One section of the lawn stays very wet and we had a terrible looking section there. Your treatments have cleared that all up. In fact it made such an improvement that three of my neighbors now use you. They were jealous of ours.
  • Mickey Solujich
    Febrero 2018
    Very Good service. Lawn has Definately improved. Weeds dramatically reduced. Service is a bit pricey, however not having to spend weekends spreading weed killer and fertilizer makes it worthwhile.
  • Dan Weissman
    Febrero 2018
    Service was good. Always left a full description upon completion of lawn care of what was performed and what would be required to maintain a healthy lawn. I only used them for 1 year, the renewal price for the next year had a significant increase.
  • Arleen Stolzenberger
    Febrero 2018
    Our lawn is awesome. The care that is given by the Trugreem specialists have paid off! The specialist are always willing to answer questions and offer advice. I find this company reliable and their products work.
  • Dave M
    Marzo 2018
    Being a new customer, I've been very pleased with TruGreen and would recommend their services.
  • Barbara Cataldo
    Marzo 2018
    Professionals and Well Experience. Greatly Helpful! Our Lawn Looks Fantastic! Forever Green!
  • Judson Goldsborough
    Marzo 2018
    I had only begun to use this lawn care service in second half of 2017. So far, the technicians have been out regularly to service my lawn
    Abril 2018
    TruGreen has serviced my lawn for several years. They do a phenomenal job and if I have a concern they are very attentive to resolve it for me in a timely manner.
  • Donald Giersch
    Junio 2018
    When Christopher shows up to do our lawn, he always shows a true professional manner. He knocks on the door to alert us he is here so we have time to let our dog out before he begins the lawn treatment. Then he sets the cones in front of and behind his truck to alert traffic to slow down and take caution as he unloads and prepares to do our lawn. Next, he is managing the treatment and immediately begins the service. He is methodical and treats the lawn. Christopher is most pleasant and competes the job and leaves the notice of what service was completed. Most pleasant and efficient and does TruGreen proud. Thank you!
  • Geoff
    Junio 2018
    Very happy with my service so far. I started the season with a patchy lawn and some brown areas, after only one treatment this year my lawn is greener than ever. Couldn't be happier.
  • Lucille Burger
    Junio 2018
    The tech is here when expected. Excellent suggestions on upkeep and the lawn is very green
  • William G G Sullivan
    Junio 2018
    yes we have a summer house in Bayville NJ and had True Green do our lawn, it came in so great that when we went to Florida for the winter I called True Green and that lawn looks great also
  • Sherry Molinell
    Junio 2018
    Rough start but now I'm pleased with my service. Everyone that has serviced our home has been very personable and helpful. Our yard look wonderful.
  • Ronald Dekerlegand
    Junio 2018
    Doing the job.. Service Technician very professional and friendly. Minor billing problem but resolved
  • Jessika Baer
    Junio 2018
    Pretty good experience so far. I liked the soil testing. Done properly.
  • Patricia Colacicco
    Junio 2018
    All interactions with Sales to Service Technicians to Customer Service Associates have been professional, pleasant, and communication has been Excellent and that is not something that can be taken for granted. I am definitely a Raving Fan!
  • Maureen Van Horn
    Junio 2018
    On my first experience with a Tru Green technician, I was very happy that Desmond was not only knowledgeable about the products that we're being put down on my grass but was also a polite gentleman to talk to.
  • Hope Demitry
    Junio 2018
    The team comes out and preforms the lawn and bushes process. I get lots of compliments on how good my yard looks.
  • Jo Ann
    Agosto 2018
    So far, I've only had 3 applications and my grass seems to be holding up pretty well in this hot weather. I think TruGreen's pricing is acceptable and customer services is very good. I'm a new client and will wait until at least the first year to see the results of all the applications.
  • Bob Kinsky
    Agosto 2018
    I have used other lawn services, but TruGreen is hands down the best by far. My lawn never looked better. I had two little issues this season with red thread and nutgrass. Both were handled promptly free of charge. As a matter of fact, I called about the nutgrass issue recently and they came THAT VERY DAY!! Awesome!!!
  • Joe Minch
    Agosto 2018
    This is my second year and weeds and most of the crab grass is gone. The grass is looking alot better then when I started.
  • Happy Rodriguez
    Agosto 2018
    Try TruGreen on your lawn, and just watch the results year after year. With courteous lawn experts that take the time to talk to you about your lawn and help you give good advice after they leave.
  • John Gortatowski
    Agosto 2018
    Trugreen is the best ,we had other lawn company 's and TruGreen is the best we 've had
  • Laurence M Kolanko
    Agosto 2018
    Always professional, easy to work with service provider. I receive texts ahead of service calls, and always am able to speak with a person when I need to re-schedule a service call or have a question regarding applications, etc.
  • William G Sullivan
    Agosto 2018
    I have two houses one in Bayville NJ and one in palm Bay Fl, the lawn in Bayville was real bad. I try everything to make it look good but nothing I did worked so I tried TruGreen an d they did a great job. So when I went back to Florida in Oct.I called them to come and look look at my lawn there they gave me a good price and now I have two beautiful Lawns. I get a lot of complements from friend and neighbors.
  • Cesar Vasquez
    Agosto 2018
    Overall your techs do a Good job with the knocking on the door to let us know that they are here to do the service and what they will be applying on the lawn. The track of arrival is awesome so I know when they are in their way to talk to them if I have to etc. On the last visit the Tech did an awesome job he applied a dry fertilizer and noticed weeds and nutsedge grass growing on the edge of my lawn and he sprayed it to kill the weeds. So that's all the feedback I have for you guys based on my own persoanl experience with TRUGREEN
  • Gabriel R Georgeian
    Septiembre 2018
    True Green is a company would not stop until do a better job on my lawn .
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