YaSabe Awarded Top Digital Media Innovation for U.S. Hispanics

YaSabe Awarded Top Digital Media Innovation for U.S. Hispanics

September 22, 2011, New York, NY. — Today at Portada’s 5th Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference, Virginia-based YaSabe, Inc. received the award for the Top Hispanic Digital Media Innovation for 2011. The Hispanic Digital and Print Media Awards for achievement and innovation in marketing to U.S. Hispanics are decided through a nomination and voting process that is managed and overseen by Portada. This year’s recipients were honored in the wake of revelations by the U.S. Census that there are now more than 50 million Hispanics living in the U.S. The digital media category is particularly meaningful because Hispanics are the fastest growing group of Internet users in the country.

About YaSabe is an online search engine to help US Hispanics find and discover local businesses. The company offers innovative technology to search for businesses in Spanish and English, mobile search that lets Hispanics discover from culturally rich business content and an interactive social concierge service called Ayudame where users can ask for help to find local business and receive answers from real-people in English or Spanish. YaSabe sells subscription-based advertising to local businesses and National brands that want to reach out to Hispanic consumers online.

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