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Qué Onda New Jersey

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    Sam Myrtle Realty

    The property at 200 Classon Ave is a pit. No locks on the windows and because the windows are not fitted properly, they gap at the top and let the heat out. The building has zero insulation especially around the heaters. This means that the apartments are always freezing and when the heat is on, the warm air leaks right out, leaving you with a $500 per month electric bill. The cabinets were installed improperly so none of the doors and drawers are aligned or close properly. The hallways and elevators are filthy, when it rains, water trickles down the elevator shaft and into the elevator car. They do not clear the snow or ice from the front of the building and tonight as I was walking past the trash barrels (just outside the building), a huge rat jumped out of one of the barrels. Seriously, this is slumlord management at its finest!