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TruGreen Sales - Lewisville
445 E Jones St
Lewisville, TX
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  • Kenneth McKay
    Abril 2018
    My lawn is improving each year with the treatments applied. Communications from Tru Green have been punctual and informative. Thus far I have been most satisfied, and chose to renew my contract for another year. I recommend them highly.
  • Max Odom
    Abril 2018
    I don't have to wonder if my yard is being well maintained. It is a beautiful, green weed-free lawn!
  • Rae Cardenas
    Mayo 2018
    We had been using another lawn service and very disappointed with the outcome. We switched to TruGreen a year ago and the results have been outstanding. We now have a weed-free beautiful green lawn.
  • Leanne Olds
    Mayo 2018
    I have a weed free yard due to Tru Green. I have been a client for many years. They have been easy to work with and if I ever had an issue with a specific weed (usually nutgrass) they retreated when needed.
  • Helene Singh
    Mayo 2018
    You provide the best care for lawn and tree and shrubs. My lawn, bushes and trees look beautiful and healthy.
  • Edwin D Ivy Sr
    Mayo 2018
    Friendly and professional service at reasonable rates. If you're not satisfied they will come back as many times as needed until the customer is satisfied. Given time and patience they will have your yard looking like a golf course.
  • Robert Clark
    Julio 2018
    Service is good and on time. You know when TruGreen is on there way and when they are finished with your yard too
  • Dennis Feduke
    Julio 2018
    The advance call lets you know when they will be onn your property. They keep to the schedule. The tech always leaves a note to describe the lawn or tree and bush service he provided.
  • Lenin Rodriguez
    Julio 2018
    Excellent service and brought back my grass to life!!! Wish I had switch to TRUGREEN a lot sooner!!!
  • Sonya Terry
    Julio 2018
    Even through some scheduling mishaps, Trugreen came through and got our yard looking tremendous!
  • Elysha Canavan
    Agosto 2018
    I have used other lawn care services and was never satisfied with the condition of my lawn for the whole year. TruGreen keeps my lawn healthy and lush!
  • Ricco Espinoza
    Agosto 2018
    Since working with Trugreen, my yard stands out in the neighborhood and my personal life is less stressful not having to worry about stubborn weeds.
  • maryjoe manchester
    Agosto 2018
    I was given a time when TruGreen would be at my home and they arrived on time. My lawn was treated and I was asked to water the lawn right away, which I did. After 6 days, the lawn is looking better and so far I am pleased with the results. There is a followup with 6 more treatments which will be every 6 weeks.
  • John Hebert
    Agosto 2022
    Green Farm looks so amazing. Excellent service that brought my grass back to life!!! I wish I had switched to TRUGREEN sooner!!! cladder
  • Helen Gwen
    Septiembre 2022
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  • Smith Moss
    Mes pasado
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