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TruGreen Sales - Jackson MS
1312 Harding St
Jackson, MS
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  • Brian
    Mayo 2018
    Corporate misquoted my yard size; however, the Jackson manager honored the quoted price and plan. Couldnt ask for anything more than that.
  • Linda Hardy
    Mayo 2018
    TruGreen has been taking care of my lawn and shrubs for several years. They didn’t have much to work with when they started, as there were bare patches in the lawn and multiple weeds making themselves at home. My lawn looks 100% better now. Also I now have azaleas blooming that had never produced buds before TruGreen took care of them. I heartily recommend the services of TruGreen.
  • Barbara Murray
    Mayo 2018
    We have had good service from Trugreen, and they always respond to problems with repeat treatment. It was treated last fall and seemed resolved. Haveca treatment scheduled that I hope will help.
  • Sarah E Voggesser
    Julio 2018
    The team at TruGreen is professional and very friendly. Our yard has never looked so good.
  • Rick Lund
    Julio 2018
    TruGreen service is a great company. My experience has been top notch. The professionals who have treated my lawn are very thorough. Thanks again!!
    Julio 2018
    TruGreen has responded with personalized help when we have discovered issues with our lawn that require prompt attention. Every company experiences unexpected interruptions to service. TruGreen has listened to our pleas. They have made commendable accommodations to keep our program on track. We applaud those who recognize the human element of customer service as critical to the efficacy of the enterprise and the assurance of an extended future.
  • Johnnie Johnson
    Julio 2018
    I grew up in IL with a father that never had a weed in the yard, so my experience with spring weeds in NC was not a good one! Our yard resembled a pasture more than a yard and I spent countless hours out there pulling weeds. TruGreen has been a lifesaver, the weeds are gone and we have beautiful, thick green grass again! When I look at our neighbors yards, I am so thankful for TruGreen!
  • Sandra Wilcox
    Julio 2018
    Our lawn has improved in looks and health since beginning with TruGreen. The employees are very personable. Very well done Truegreen!
  • David J Markham
    Julio 2018
    I'm a new customer with TruGreen and the first thing I notice was how polite and knowledgeable the employees are. I'm sure the results will prove positive to my lawn as time goes on.
  • Pat
    Julio 2018
    I was out of town for the first two treatments of my lawn. Within hours, I received emails detailing the work performed. They were courteous and prompt on all work performed!
  • Don Morris
    Julio 2018
    They are prompt. They do what they say. And if it is not right they will come back at n/c and redo the treatment
  • Jay Unwin
    Julio 2018
    My lawn and shrubbery have thrived under TruGreen care for the past several years. I have found the service people to be respectful of my property and also quite knowledgeable and helpful when I have questions.
  • Anthony Savage
    Julio 2018
    Everyone that I have dealt with thus far has been really helpful. They have met all deadlines and appointments and were quick to respond.So now I am waiting for my lawn to get better.
  • Dee Dee
    Julio 2018
    This is my first application, therefore, after a couple of weeks, I'll see, if the rating is the same. I was very pleased with the maintenance tech.
  • Ronald Stephens
    Julio 2018
    They are very dependable, on-time and my grass and shrubs have never looked better. If there is an added problem, they come immediately
  • Tony D Andrea
    Julio 2018
    23 years of taking care of my lawn on my own. Fertilizing 3-4 x every year on my own. The lawn has never looked better since I handed the fertilization to Tru Green.
  • Philip Pieknik
    Julio 2018
    Technician always stopped to talk to me and identify any lawn issues that need attention. Had some stubborn weeds that required additional spot application.
  • Matt Geever
    Julio 2018
    So far so good. Looking forward to having a healthier lawn and customer service has been great so far!
  • Scott
    Julio 2018
    They come when they schedule, they do what they have advertised, lawn is looking very good. Slow process but going right direction
  • Constance Penabad
    Julio 2018
    Tru- green has serviced my lawn only twice and my lawn is looking much much better already!!!
  • Rich Harre
    Julio 2018
    Honesty in what to expect with the first application. The agent explained what would happen and to my enjoyment, the lawn did better than what was to be expected.
  • Michael T Williams
    Julio 2018
    Excellent Yard and Lawn service, I regularly recommend TruGreen to my neighbors, friends and family. Thank you TruGreen!
  • Robert D
    Julio 2018
    Tru Green has a great service especially with their app you know exactly when they arrive at your house and when they're finished!
  • Adam Branch
    Julio 2018
    Very responsive and educational. They are always willing to explain everything and assist with tips on how to keep our lawn in great shape.
  • Carolyn Triplett
    Agosto 2018
    I like the text notifications telling when the TruGreen truck will arrive. I have to make sure my dog is not in the backyard and it gives me time to keep her inside.
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