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  • Noviembre 2016
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    Rio Grande Valley Aggregate Inc

    Dear Friends The properties of natural rock are hardness, sobriety, resistance and good thermal insulation, these stones may appear in the environment, specifically in the street pavement, baseboards, fountains and cladding. A long life can be secured with the use of many of the classifications of natural rock, thanks to the precious physical and chemical conditions they have, which make them suitable to withstand any kind of weather. Currently it is considered that this material is evolving according to the demands of consumers today who need various properties in a single construction equipment. For this reason we are putting to your consideration the use of our materials, the rock that we are extracting naturally and without affecting the environment is a material one hundred percent natural, extracted mechanically but chosen and chartered manually, hand washed and stacked in the same way all intended not to affect its characteristics and conditions. The Appendix provides technical tests to which has undergone our rock, its properties, volumetric weight and mechanical resistance as well as destructive tests to which it was subjected, on the other hand we add graphic illustration of the places where it has been installed, showing beauty with versatility and durability characteristics that distinguishes the product we will soon be offering regular cut to size as well as more typical thicknesses for the vertical siding that will give another dimension to their facades. Sincerly Arq. Francisco Adolfo Morales Flores General Director telephone +528119686041; +528112343761