Custodian, Wilkie, IU Dining Campus Bloomington Department RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS & SERV (BA-RPAS-IUBLA)

Maintains and sanitizes kitchen work areas, dining and restaurant equipment and utensils, dining rooms and stocks inventory by performing the following duties.

Perform general kitchen sanitation and ware-washing duties and tasks; and directs, teaches, and monitors assigned student and other temporary employees in the proper performance of custodial activities or basic ware-washing tasks. Refills and organizes service tray display counters, cabinets, or tables; performs a variety of heavy labor tasks for general kitchen operations; and cleans and maintains assigned equipment such as floor scrubbers, carpet vacuums, etc.

Washes windows, interior and exterior surfaces, in dining rooms, assigned lobby areas, kitchen offices, and all other dining facility areas; and, in the absence of the Dish Room Attendant and as required, runs the dish washing operations. Collects and delivers items for store room operations when the Stores Attendant is not available; and supports and practices departmental standards related to waste recycling.

Understands the proper methods and safety procedures related to the use of chemical agents used for cleaning and utilizes products as recommended by the label and according to MSDS (material safety data sheets). Uses appropriate personal protective equipment and replaces as needed; and cleans, supplies, and sanitizes all fixtures, containers, and surfaces in restroom facilities.

REQUIRED: General knowledge at the high school level.

Knowledge of cleaning procedures and equipment including ability to operate and use standard cleaning equipment and materials; and some knowledge of standard kitchen practices and basic kitchen sanitation methods. Knowledgeable of health and safety regulations.

Ability to work comfortably in a group environment and treat employees and customers with kindness and respect. Must be flexible, adaptable, and adjust readily to changes in routine. Good interpersonal skills; and ability to be a highly flexible team player in a dynamic environment requiring a customer focused approach while maintaining acceptable standards of personal hygiene.

Preferred Qualifications 

High school diploma or GED; one year experience in food service or custodial; ability to obtain food safety certification.

Working Conditions / Physical Demands 
Salary Range 
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