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Intelligent Staffing Company- General Manager

The General Manager will direct and manage the business activities and oversee daily o perations. They will develop and implement effective business strategies and programs to achieve the highest efficiencies and financial results. The General Manager will be responsible to appropriately allocate budget resources, formulate and update policies and procedures, coordinate business operations, monitor and motivate the staff, manage operational costs, identify business growth opportunities, and monitor financial activities.

Job Requirements:

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Coordinate and lead all daily operations
    • Formulate policy and procedure to achieve strategic, financial and safety goals
    • Determine key metrics to gauge individual and team performance
    • Mentor and develop leadership team
    • Assist in hiring and developing new employees
    • Determine and allocate budget resources to department managers
    • Motivate staff and establish a positive, employee-centric workplace culture
    • Manage operational costs
    • Ensure excellent and timely customer service
    • Establish positive vendor relationships
  • Identify new business opportunities

• Represent company at various external events
• Monitor financial activities and performance of each division
• Assist team with maintaining relationships with customers
• Set company standards to excellence in service, productivity, and performance
• Ensure business sustainability and long-term strategic planning
• Lead annual strategic planning sessions with Owner
• Establish annual operating budgets along with Owner
• Analyze key metrics to ensure positive tracking to budget throughout the year
• Review performance compared to budget on a monthly basis
• Hire, onboard, train and develop leadership team
• Developing and implementing growth strategies
• Evaluate employee performance and productivity
• Analyze accounting and financial data
• Ensure financial goals in accordance with budget are met on a quarterly and annual basis
• Establish reporting requirements of all departments to ensure transparency with all aspects of the business.
• Maintain open communication with subordinates and Owner
• Utilize Service AutoPilot, Trello and other technology as required by company
• Other duties as assigned

Other Position Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in business preferred
Experience: Minimum of 5 years of experience in operations management

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