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TruGreen Sales - Long Island NY
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TruGreen Sales - Long Island NY

5 Todd Ct
Yaphank, NY
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  • Agnes T Jahrsdoerfer
    October 2017
    Efficient, good results.
  • Gunnar
    January 2018
    Steve bishop is the best. Very responsive. Very helpful. Suggestions - measure chemical composition of soil and adjust program accordingly; offer slit/slice seeding vs just overseeding
  • Douglas and Carol Bertolino
    February 2018
    Our lawn was full of weeds and had many brown patches and areas with grass missing. After unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem on our own, we decided to give TruGreen a try, and we are so glad we did! Right from the beginning of our lawn treatments, the lawn started looking greener and healthier. We appreciate how TruGreen technicians came back as many times as was necessary to rid our lawn of crab grass and other weeds. They are truly dedicated to their work, and want their customers to be satisfied. Our lawn is now thick and weed-free. We will definitely recommend TruGreen to friends and family!
  • Glenn righter
    February 2018
    Very attentive to any lawn concern. Within one season my lawn riddled with crab grass looks like a golf course! Get the core aeration
  • Maria Di Pasquale
    February 2018
    Excellent job. If anything is missed someone will return at no charge to respray. The only drawback to this is, the customer has to sign paperwork and mail
  • Edith jones
    June 2018
    This is the first full season using TruGreen. The lawn is looking great and if the weeds disappear I will be very happy
  • Nelson
    June 2018
    I was skeptical about hiring a company for something I have been doing for years. I interviewed four companies and I believe I made the right decision hiring TruGreen. They have delivered on everything they promised and more.
  • Karen Noel
    August 2018
    My experience has been very positive and my lawn is reaping the benefits.. I have, unfortunately had many weeds , but would the weed treatment, I simply notify TruGreen, they send me a form to sign and then I am assigned another weed treatment. I signed up for the entire treatment for the year and mosquito defense. I am very pleased with TruGreen Service, and I think that you will be too.
  • Brian W Smith
    August 2018
    My TruGreen professional Tyrone was excellent on his first visit, took his time to answer my barrage of questions to ensure that I was satisfied with the service.
  • Pamela P
    September 2018
    Always ready to help and explain procedures. Very quick response.
  • Stephen Ventimiglia
    September 2018
    TRUGreen staff are knowledgeable and all the appointments are called to my phone in advance of the application, I think that feature is great. The representative in the field are always advising myself what there going to apply and why. I'm happy with my choice using TRUGreen
  • John P Carro
    October 2018
    Good service and follow up. The technicians won't stop until they meet your satisfaction
  • James Stewart
    October 2018
    be patient, it'll grow. Thanks for the effort of my technicians, I really appreciaet it. Keep up the good work.
  • Adele Freeman
    October 2018
    The service is efficient. The technicians are courteous. They use up to date equipment so the products are applied quietly and evenly.
  • Jeffrey Walters
    October 2018
    My servicing was done in a very professional and timely manner
  • Frank Thorp
    October 2018
    Reliable. Good communication. Call in advance before coming to the house.
  • Lorraine Pieloch
    November 2018
    TruGreen has certainly made life easier for my husband. For about the same cost we can still have a beautiful lawn with no work on our part. As a Senior this is a big plus.
  • H Pieloch
    November 2018
    I would give them 5 stars in time. I have no complaints. My lawn looks great.
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