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TruGreen Production - Woodridge
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TruGreen Production - Woodridge

1030 Internationale Pkwy
Woodridge, IL
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  • Christine Robinson
    February 2018
    "I have the service four times a year to keep weeds down. I have always been satisfied with service and servicemen. "
  • Bob
    March 2018
    I never seemed to find the time to fertilize my own lawn so having TruGreen come out has been really helpful. My lawn had a lot of weeds but over the past few years it has improved greatly. I haven't had any complaints about the technicians, they have always done a nice job when they come out.
  • R Scott Franz
    March 2018
    The lawn looks great. Killed the Creeping Charlie which isn't easy. But it's not a cheap process. And it's not organic.
  • Sharon Kacsits
    April 2018
    Easy set up. Everything done as promised. Courteous service. Quick turn around on questions.
  • William Murray Jr
    May 2018
    Service is reasonably priced, timely and when there is a problem it is handled
  • jesse figueroa
    May 2018
    lets you know what they did on the day of there visit and gives you instructions and details on what to expect in future visits.
  • Alice Jankowski
    May 2018
    We have used TruGreen for many years. We tried another service and came back. They let you know when they are coming incase you have pets or guests. They are very dependable and our lawn looks great!
  • Christy duty
    May 2018
    The lawn looks great in the back yard and the front always just looks ok. The service is excellent.
  • Judy Zumpano
    May 2018
    Always a pleasure to know that my lawn will be green and weed free for the summer fun! If I have a problem, they are ready and willing to come back out. Thank you.
  • Elizabeth Glover
    May 2018
    They did a great job last year transforming our weedy, patchy yard into something we could be proud of. I've pleased to have them performing the same services this year.
  • Ronald V DeFalco
    June 2018
    good service and very responsive to follow-up concerns...service person knowledgeable and friendly.
  • Mary Lostarakos
    June 2018
    I had a terrible problem last year and for several years before that with not grubs but something else that was eating my lawn. I signed on with you last year and my grass looks beautiful. Thank you so much!
  • Steve Noxon
    June 2018
    I have a thick deep green lawn. No weeds and the envy of neighbors who don't take pride in their home.
  • Cindy Aguinaga
    June 2018
    The guys came out to treat my lawn and treat for mosquitoes and other little critters. This is the first insect treatment so we'll see
  • Jonathan
    June 2018
    They keep their word and promises! Grass looks great. The app is an awesome tool as well!
  • Michael Damiani
    June 2018
    I found TruGreen to be a very professional company. Not being an expert with grass or weeds, I noticed after the initial application, that seven days out, I wasn't seeing any browning of the weeds in my lawn. I called TruGreen and asked what to do. They immediately scheduled another visit, free of charge, and they've already come out an additional time. It wasn't my intention to take advantage of their service, but they're committed to getting results and I feel they're going to stay with it until the problem resolves itself.
  • Carol kline
    June 2018
    Tru Green has been our lawn service specialist for over 15 years. We appreciate the professionalism and expertise they have shown in making our lawn a green carpet.
  • Philip Kommer
    August 2018
    The techs that come out are very nice and seem to be very informed about what they are doing. My lawn is greener and more lush.
  • Anthony A
    August 2018
    Love the service so far, definitely doing what they are supposed to be doing. The first application got rid of all the weeds in my yard. And now they are continuing to fertilized my yard to make it look green and healthy. I have a huge yard and I am definitely getting my money worth.
  • Joseph Razza
    August 2018
    I've used your services for decades and have had very few issues! Their are times when I see a few extra weeds than usual, but otherwise the lawn looks great! Obviously Mother Nature has a lot to do with that too... i.e. Rain/harsh winters
  • Sonia Rymar-Miller
    August 2018
    Trugreen is true green, they stand for their name. The services they provide is exceptional and the technicians are all professional and real friendly. They do the service the first time around.
  • Randy R
    October 2018
    i have used several lawn service companies in the past but really, no one lived up to the service from TruGreen. Some of my neighbors have used other companies but really, the grass is never greener on the other side of the fence. I pay them about the same it would cost me to do it myself and because they don't overdo it, all the local wildlife continues to have the expected numbers of eyes, ears. arms and legs.
  • John boone
    October 2018
    Finally seeing improvement after 3 years. They are willing to comback when there's a problem on the treatment for free.
  • J Papp
    October 2018
    2 treatments so far and the grass looks good. Techs are knowledgeable and informative.
  • Wakas W
    October 2018
    a very punctual service, staff is great and courteous. Give advices for the betterment of the lawn.
  • Mary Reed
    October 2018
    My yard looks great and results are good. Customer service is excellent. Keep it up Trugreen.
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