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TruGreen Sales - Woodlawn MD
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TruGreen Sales - Woodlawn MD

7230 Rutherford Rd
Windsor Mill, MD
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  • Mark Weir
    November 2017
    I recently had an aeration and seed service performed on my lawn. The technician was courteous and professional. I am very satisfied with the job and will have performed yearly.
  • Pat Staffeldt
    December 2017
    TruGreen has been taking care of my lawn, along with bushes, for many years. My neighbors have asked how I keep my yard so green! I also like that they post a sign to alert my neighbors to protect their children & pets.
  • barbara richardson
    February 2018
    I have no complaints about the services of tru green they offer excellent work for lawn service. their employees are very pleasant and courteous to talk to, they are very experience in their jobs and always knock on your door and let you know they are there to service your lawn. I would recommend the service to anyone.a few of my neigbors are now using the service.
  • Arthur Stetson
    February 2018
    We see a very noticeable improvement on our lawn after a couple of years with TruGreen. The technicians are willing to talk to us and offer observations and suggestions, going beyond just telling us what today's service is about.
    February 2018
    What a difference! My husband and I had spent all kinds of money trying to treat our lawn. We were pretty embarrassed when a random lawn guy stopped by and told us how awful our lawn looked, but he was right. We asked around and heard about TruGreen. Much better now!
  • Connie Cooper
    February 2018
    They take care of our lawn so we have one less thing to worry about and our lawn looks beautiful all year. Their technicians are always knowledgeable and courteous,
  • Samuel A Guthrie
    March 2018
    It's very important to be able to reach out and communicate, especially when its a commitment between two parties. lve found no complaints with Your Service, very thorough and professional and punctual. And the lawn looks great! Would recommend Your Service to anyone..... Thank You
  • Carol Tuttle
    March 2018
    Your representative exceeded my expectations. She was incredibly courteous, kind, thoughtful, competent -- she had a smile in her voice. She is wonderful. Thank you for all your help! I've talked with her before, and she always gives exceptional customer service.
  • Alice Berigtold
    March 2018
    They are very good at treating our yard and we are needing them this time of year.
    March 2018
  • Lee J Kaufmann
    April 2018
    Reliable, though problematic on weed control. Did accomplish total weed control in my area. Could solve a number of weed problems. Still, they managed to provide a reasonably beautiful lawn for many years.
  • Tom Davies
    April 2018
    I would rate TruGreen 7230 Rutherford Road Baltimore, MD 21244 5 out 5 stars for their employees and lawn care results, including Penny Alexis, Scott Prinn, and Jason Twiggs.
  • Irene A Lericos
    May 2018
    I love my trugreen rep Dan. He is amazing and does a great job for me and for my grass. In the 20 years I have had true green I have never had better looking grass. All thanks to Dan!
  • August Nicastro
    May 2018
    Makes for a great looking lawn. Essentially weed free. Company has been very responsive to any and all requests.
  • Patricia R Sheikh
    August 2018
    When you bundle together several services, you save money. Customer service is very customer friendly. And will convey this information.
  • Donna D
    August 2018
    Specialists were on time, efficient, and professional. By the next morning--NO MOSQUITOES!!! Wonderful to be able to go outdoors again. Had a small problem but contact with TruGreen resulted in an immediate response to fix the situation. We'll use this service again next summer. Highly recommend to anyone wishing to be mosquito free.
  • Jerome DeFrances
    August 2018
    Very customer friendly and have done a great job with our lawn up to this point. We were referred by my mother in law because of the great job Trugreen has done on her lawn.
  • Patricia R Sheikh
    August 2018
    Staff at Tru Green provide excellent summaries of their work, answers questions in a timely manner and provide discount to customers with multiple services from Tru Green.
  • Carolyn Taylor
    August 2018
    TruGreen honors their customers concerns without any hesitation. If for any reason you are not satisfied they will re-service your area with no questions asked.
  • Conway Kidd
    October 2018
    For the past two years Troy has been taking care of my lawn. After every visit ,has left a detailed summary Of what was done.He is a very professional person and my lawn has never looked better. Thank you Tru-- Green and thank you Troy.
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