2624 Forest Hill Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL

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  • Franco Arellano
    January 2015
    If you are looking for a Chiropractor in West Palm Beach, Dr. Garrett Weinstein and his staff are incredible. They played a crucial role in my recovery after a terrible car accident.
  • Garrett Van Dyke
    January 2015
    Dr. Garret Weinstein came highly recommended to me as the best Chiropractor in West Palm Beach. I didn’t’ think there was any hope for me after an injury from a car accident a few years back. If he fixed m me, I’m sure Dr. Weinstein could help you!
  • Allison Doyle
    March 2015
    I wish I didn't have to see a chiropractor but this entire office makes me look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Garrett Weinstein the Car Accident Chiropractor in West Palm Beach.
  • David Stevens
    June 2015
    Car accident chiropractor Dr. Garrett Weinstein is a miracle worker, he changed my life. I had an accident and I was injured as a result of someone hitting my car. I felt hopeless until I saw Dr. Weinstein. If you need a chiropractor in West Palm Beach you should give them a call.
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