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  • June 2017
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    Insphere Insurance Solutions Inc

    A girl called Ashley Olvera and her mother, father, son and another daughter called Jackie Olvera are sexually harassing my daughter Lulama Matiringe. They net my daughter in high school Heritage high school in Menifee CA. They live down the street from us. They like to be alone with my daughter Lulama and me son Rutendo Maturing. It is possible that they raped them. We are under surveillance having been targeted by Riverside County COS and law enforcement. We don't know them. We don't associate with Mexicans or Hispanic. This is our 13t year living in Menifee sexually harassed by this family of Rapist Americans. I am a mother from South Africa and I am black. She is a Mexican racist who also expects sexual favours from us in order to let us live in the USA. We hate them. We hate them and want them dead. Ashley has moved in with us even though we said no when she first asked. I was hired by Inshere Solutions because this family rapes my son and daughters I had to figure out how to leave this horrific place. My husband worth whom I am estranged works overseas and her husband has sent death threats to him. We have asked lawyers, cops, doctors, mayors to ask this nasty family of Mexican rapists to vacate our lives. They are like AIDS to us, they become ballistic, they rape My daughter and possibly beat her up. Please help, they talk to me daily yet they are not my friend and I and my children want nothing to do with this Mexican family or Riverside County criminal rapists who depebd on us for income etcThey ask my kids for sex and I don't know them and what to do. I want Ashley out of my home and I want all of them killed..