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Spokane, WA

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  • David Hubert
    November 2017
    Great service. My lawn came back to life and is looking very nice. The service technicians were courteous and did a great job during each visit.
  • Edith Finney
    November 2017
    I enjoy knowing that I do not have to handle the chemicals to keep my lawn looking its best. I do not have to buy protective gear to put it down nor do I have to wonder when to do it. Brooks Guetlin is pleasant and thorough I can ask questions and trust the answers.
  • Chris Carothers
    December 2017
    You can count on Trugreen showing up routinely to make applications to your lawn. Our lawn was noticeably greener through the summer and into the fall season.
  • Brad Thomas
    December 2017
    They always show up when they say they will. Very professional. My lawn has never looked better.
  • James D Strain
    February 2018
    VI have a great looking lawn that TRUGREEN has been servicing for more than 15 years. They always call before coming, and always speak to us before they begin if we are homeThey have worked with me to have the right balance for my property.
  • Lori Smithson
    April 2018
    The prices are reasonable...good customer service...will respray at no charge if your yard has issues.
  • Linda Binfield
    May 2018
    They always give you 24 hour notice of service and show up when scheduled. The service men come to the door and ask if you have any questions.
  • Patricia Hyden
    May 2018
    Very happy with treatments and people we've interacted with. The lawn looks beautiful.
  • Doug and Jan Halley
    May 2018
    I would tell others that TruGreen does what they say they will do. Their technicians are excellent, reliable, hard-working. They always leave us a note on what they did and suggestions on how to cut and water our lawn for even better results.TruGreen's service is reasonably priced, better than doing it ourselves and with much better products, too. And if for any reason, the treatment didn't do what it was intended to do, they will come back and re-apply for free. We have had TruGreen for several years now, treating our home and our rental property.. Our neighbors have been commenting how beautiful our yard looks this Spring. We were having an awful time before, when doing it ourselves.
  • Judith McGrady
    May 2018
    I appreciate the fact that you take care of my lawn in a timely manner even when I change the appointment. I also like that your employee comes to the door to talk with me about the service being done and if I understand it. I have had your service most of the 13 years I have lived here. At 80 years young I cannot do it myself. I highly recommend TRUGREEN.
  • Edith Finney
    May 2018
    I love that TruGreen keeps track of what should go down when - something to keep my life less stressful. The techs are friendly and professional. They answer questions honestly and easily. I have had 3 people tell me that they bought their homes because of my yard.
  • Klon Koster
    June 2018
    I have both tree and lawn services. The services provided by Tru Green is definitely helpiing my property look better, and I know it is healthier.
  • Sally S Minnis
    June 2018
    We are impressed with Trugreen's dedication to customer satisfaction. So far, their communication, lawn application, and follow up has been stellar.
  • Scot
    June 2018
    Professional and very concerned about the quality of their work. My family and friends have given me great testimonials about trugreen.
  • Kristy Holmes
    June 2018
    I had a competitor doing my lawn service prior to having TruGreen service my lawn and trees. The quality of service is beyond words. The technicians are always courteous and kind and explain things in a way I understand. They also teach you how to properly maintain your yard so that they are successful. My yard is gorgeous compared to years prior and itâ's only getting better every time.
  • Lance Dickinson
    July 2018
    TruGreen has done what they said they would do. They are on-time if not early to every scheduled appointment. Our yard has looked this good in years!!
  • Wade English
    July 2018
    Friendly staff. Professional on site services. Detailed summary of work performed is very helpful when we are away.
  • David Wall
    July 2018
    Products And Employees are both excellent and work on a timely basis and always are polite before and after their work.
  • Thomas Wagoner
    September 2018
    Good service and good results. Reliable staffs and company.
  • Evan Stoddard
    September 2018
    TruGreen came out and checked why I was having brown spots all over my lawn. The tech came out , checked it out and said I have Red Thread, (that was what was causing it) he showed me how to identify it. I had them come out and apply fungicide and 1 week later, it seems to be doing the job!!
  • James Key
    September 2018
    Yes. The service has been good and all the promises have been kept per the sales pitch when I signed up.
  • Enrique Cruz
    October 2018
    Great customer service! Friendly and knowledgeable technicians who provide tips on making things better
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