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117 Corporate Blvd
South Plainfield, NJ

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  • Nick Novello
    November 2017
    Great service and proof in results of great looking lawn & shrubs
  • Diane Jones
    November 2017
    The guys are great. They know what they are doing and are willing to explain it to you in normal English. This alone is something. Customer Service elsewhere seems to be on the way out. Either you can't understand them or they don't care. TruGreen cares and you can understand them.
  • Sergio Calo
    November 2017
    The lawn looks great and the service is fantastic.
  • Gail messick
    November 2017
    Always a professional job. My lawn never looked better!!
  • Dale Roberson
    November 2017
    My technician Antonio was awesome.
  • James CALHOUN
    November 2017
    They are neat and clean and my lawn never look so good.
  • Albert Batten
    November 2017
    Get involved ... ask questions....TruGreen is very responsive...and will answer all you lawn/shrub questions/issues in a timely manor....and will, if need be, send out an expert or even a manager to help solve you lawn/shrub issue. So don't be shy to call them if you have a concern....... they are very quick to respond and get back to you with resolve ......
  • John E Parker
    December 2017
    Good work.
  • joseph casazza
    Last month
    The Tru Green key to success is it's the quality of their Technicians. Chemicals are generally the same between companies but it's how you apply them that makes a beautiful lawn. My technician listens to me on areas that need some special effort & i can see the results. He is a credit to the company & the "MAN" that makes my lawn look great.
  • Patricia Thomas
    3 days ago
    I've been with TruGreen for several years, I am please with the results.
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