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    Mitchell Rosen, LMFT

    The dubious activities of MITCHELL ROSEN LMFT, a therapist who works in coordination with the Orange County and Riverside County court systems, uses his role which he to undercut victims of domestic violence For example, MITCHELL ROSEN LMFT disregards medical and psychologist's reports that need to be taken into consideration while conducting custody evaluations and recommendations to the court. Another example, a child with epilepsy was instructed by her doctor to taper medication and for the mother not to take the child to any stressful situations including therapy with MITCHELL ROSEN LMFT, after Mr. Rosen was made aware, he then threaten the mother and proceeded to tell her if she didn't bring her daughter in that he would report her to the courts and she would loose custody. Thankfully a further evaluation was done and full custody was given to the mother but sadly her daughter was rushed to the hospital after suffering a grand maul seizure directly after her visit with MITCHELL ROSEN LMFT. MITCHELL ROSEN LMFT has a long history and pattern of writing recommendations and reviews in favor of child abuser and sexual predators while manipulating the court system along with many more other horrendous and lamentable actions. We are a growing group more than 20 victims who are searching for help and hoping that we can expose this man for what he has done. There is a group campaign in exposing MITCHELL ROSENS LMFT loathly activity and working to giving voices back to the children who have suffered due to MITCHELL ROSEN LMFT.