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TruGreen Production - AkronCanton OH
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TruGreen Production - Akron/Canton OH

6302 Promway Ave NW
North Canton, OH
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  • Robert BARTEL
    November 2017
    Very helpful to know of service dates in advance. Happy with the service received this year.The people I dealt with on the phone and at my house were extremely knowledgeable and answered my questions in a short period of time.
  • Charles Bussard
    December 2017
    They do a good job of satisfying thier customers, if things aren't right.
  • Donna Henthorn Shaffer
    December 2017
    The employees are friendly,efficient, and knowledgeable. I appreciate the telephone call the day before informing me my yard will be serviced.
  • Teresa l kruft
    December 2017
    Trugreen associates did All that was asked and corrected areas of concern- well worth the cost - thank you trugreen!
  • Steve
    February 2018
    The application people are dependable and conscientious about my property. Even though I've been fighting moles and drought for a couple years, my lawn has remained very nice when compared to my neighbors. I'll continue using the Trugreen program!
  • Kathleen Shay
    February 2018
    I appreciate the fact that we are notified about upcoming treatments. The people who apply the lawn chemicals are always courteous and kind. Office staff is also helpful and friendly.
    March 2018
    The service is very good.
  • John Fox
    March 2018
    It is very thorough &; they cover everything you need to know.
  • Thomas Lower
    March 2018
    quality service, prompt and knowledgeable. Always either left feedback on the service provided or discussed the service to me. Always willing to listen and help!
  • Charles Bussard
    March 2018
    Last guy who fertilized yard did a good job,
  • James R Schwartz
    March 2018
    I've tried several other lawn services with unsatisfactory results. Trugreen brought my lawn to life after two or three applications, plus my serviceman gives me advice as to what needs to be done.
  • Ann Rosa
    March 2018
    No hassle! They were there when they said and my lawn looks 100% better!!!!!!!!!
  • Sandra Pelose
    May 2018
    Good service. My lawn looks great & I have been using their lawn service for many years.
  • Debbie White
    June 2018
    True Green people are very professional and personable. If I am having an issue, say with weeds, they come right back out...within a day or 2,, and respray..same with mosquitoes..have used their service for years and am very happy :)
  • Barbara
    June 2018
    Our lawn looks really good when the applications are consistent. Sometimes they are streaky and recently this year with just one application we have a few weeds. We had an issue with streaking last year along with the absence of seeding while receiving a charge for it. We called and the situation was immediately made whole. A new application was competed at no charge and the seeding cost was removed. This company provides a good product, comes when they say they will be there and makes good on a promise to deliver a good product. The customer service received on every call made has been impeccable. Low wait time and fast resolution to any inquiry or change.
  • Robert E Kerr
    July 2018
    I live in an old section of town. Where no lawn ever looks good. You know brown and more weeds then grass. Then there is my lawn green and weed free. I've have this service for many years. It's money well spent.
  • Ronald McKay
    July 2018
    Our lawn looked much improved after only a few days. We are really glad we returned to TruGreen!
  • Betty
    July 2018
    Trugreen is doing an excellent service to our lawn! The lawn is thick, green, weed free and healthy just like we imagined! Also they take care of the mosquitoes which is a huge benefit to us for the summer time.
  • John Guidone
    July 2018
    Trugreen always does a nice job. Quality products and quality employees. Very pleased! I always refer my neighbors to them.
  • Dan Miller
    August 2018
    I like the fact that I can see on line when I can expect the services to be done. No guessing as to the time they will be here. And, my lawn looks great. I have one of the best looking lawns on my street.
  • Diana Robinson
    October 2018
    We've been with trugreen for about 30 years now and we've had excellent service! I like that we can count on them to make our lawn always look great. Never any question about their dependability of taking pride in their work ..we also live on a corner lot and we're always getting compliments on how good it looks!
  • Margaret C La Roche
    October 2018
    That you always come back even if it's not a scheduled stop. They are very reliable in many ways.
  • Sharon Cooper
    October 2018
    We also have the tree and shrub service with lawn care. I have been very satisfied with the techs that come here.
  • Julie Martin
    October 2018
    The customer service department was very helpful whenever I needed to talk to them.
  • Dale Youngblood
    October 2018
    You do what you say you will do. You stand by your products. Professional technicians and company.
  • D Pirovolos
    October 2018
    Professional techniciians, they answer my questions or concerns politely. Very nice of you.
  • David Dennison
    November 2018
    Easy, no hassle...lawn looks green and weed free! Recommend their service o others.
  • Jim Ranomer
    November 2018
    I am very satisfied with the service. TruGreen will fixed the problem with an aeration and reseeding.
  • Patrick DiLullo
    November 2018
    Came when the application was scheduled and always came to the door to let us know what to expect.
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