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TruGreen Production - Augusta SC
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TruGreen Production - Augusta SC

110 Shortcut Rd
North Augusta, SC

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  • Mike Thomas
    October 2017
    Reliable, courteous, and knowledgeable.
  • Robert Sarafin
    October 2017
    Most satisfied! Technician, Andy King is always helpful and informative , Keep up the good work.
  • Tom Sorelles
    October 2017
    Great follow up great extra treatments as needed
  • Jim Cox
    October 2017
    We are pleased with TruGreen application frequency, each technician who applies lawn chemicals has been friendly and knowledgeable and we don't have to remember what and when to apply lawn chemicals, We have not been happy with our crabgrass and weed control results this year. After two applications and a phone call, we still have crabgrass and weeds in our Bermuda grass lawn.
  • Binnie Hogan
    October 2017
    My person seemed to really care about what concerned me.
  • Ron Matviya
    March 2018
    Your representative that last serviced our yard was PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND APPEARED TO HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB... THANK YOU.
  • Randall Geiser
    March 2018
    TruGreen let's me know when they are coming to do an application and they show up when they say they will and take care of business. They are always friendly and let me know when they start and finish and they give me guidance for what to do between applications. If I am not happy with a service I can call and they will come back and do it again at no charge. This is great in case we get a big rain right after an application. We love TruGreen, we tried other companies and always come back to the best.... TruGreen
  • Alan Bechler
    March 2018
    They are very good for the most part, no weeds, treatment is appropriate.
  • Chris Clark
    March 2018
    The tech that came out was so professional and informative. Explained everything he was going to be doing. This kind of customer service is hard to find! I will recommend to all my friends and family!
  • Wendt Taylor
    March 2018
    Excellent service and great communication. The lawn haslooked better.
  • Eduardo A Rocha
    March 2018
    Proud the way my yard looks!!
  • Tina de Waart
    March 2018
    I have used TruGreen for many years now, even after I have moved. And I'm in my third house. They do a great job and always follow up with my concerns.
  • Jason
    April 2018
    Excellent, professional, on time service. My lawn is starting to look great, and is weed free. Thanks TruGreen!
  • Barbara Ames
    April 2018
    I use TRU-GREEN to care for my shrubs and flower gardens. My lawn is handled as part of my developments dues. I never have to worry, because my guy is good about calling on time and doing a great job by feeding and keeping the bad insects at a minimum. He rings my bell when he arrives and we discuss what I have noticed. Before he leaves, he gives me a "heads up" on what he has done and lets me know if he found anything to be concerned about. Service could not be better.
  • Marino Camesi
    May 2018
    I am very pleased with the work from Tru Green. they always announce when they arrive and explain what they will do.
  • Mark Slivka
    June 2018
    TruGreen always backs up their service with a satisfaction guarantee. If I notice problems with my lawn or trees and shrubs, one call always results in a follow-up visit and treatment. Our specialists Mary Moody and Armand always take time to talk with us about the condition of our yard and listen to our needs. Although the services are a bit pricey with rates going up 20% in the past several years, the service is keeping our yard in great condition. It's comforting to know that professionals are caring for our yard like it was their own.
  • Marshall M Abraham
    June 2018
    Has been a customer since 2001 and been very pleased with the products they use on my lawn and hedges. If there is a problem they will respond quickly. The technicians are always very courtesy and polite. Would highly recommend.
  • Everett Thomas
    June 2018
    I have found that the specialist that perform my services are professional and have a good understanding of the job to be completed. My lawn has improved greatly but still needs to be tweaked to get the best look possible.I'm sure Tru Green will do what is required to give me satisfactory results.
  • Craig Chapman
    June 2018
    After just one treatment my yard is amazing already. It's not totally weed free after just one treatment but pretty close. My grass is green and getting thicker by the day. I have caught my dog on several occasions enjoying herself rolling all around in the thick cool grass. I highly recommend Trugreen. We also have them treat for mosquitoes and haven't seen the first one this summer!!!
  • Qiuhong Guan
    June 2018
    Great service as promised earlier when I signed contract, the treatments were very affective, about 80% mosquitos has reduced @ our property just after 2 treatments. We are very happy customers. Thanks again.
  • Terrell Bennett
    July 2018
    It's been easy to get what I need done. Not every tech is the same but mine are more then willing to talk to me about what's being applied. My neighbors have asked and I have friends that work for the company. So I refer them and now a few of us have the service. My lawn is one of the best in the neighborhood and I will continue to support the Trugreen team.
  • Dennis McDonald
    August 2018
    The misquito service has been great. The last staff was very helpful and made me feel better and the weeds have settled.
  • Donna Brock
    August 2018
    I love the professionalism and they are turning my lawn around! Thank you so much for helping me in my quest to have a beautiful lawn!
  • Alvina Israelachvili
    August 2018
    The service is timely and appropriate. The serviceman is courteous. It is nice to know when service will take place.
  • D Williams
    August 2018
    Tech was knowledgeable and informed of when he would arrive. He did his job and gave me a print out of what he had done as well as condition of my yard.
  • Erma J Oliver
    November 2018
    Our grass has been greener than it has ever been and the weeds are gone.Love it. Got my yard looking great and cant wait for the overseeding and aeration in the fall!
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