Director Plant Operations Full Time Day


  • Develops and administers programs to maintain buildings, grounds, and equipment in accordance with regulations and administrative guidelines. Directs the repair, reconstruction, and construction of the Behavioral Health Center s physical plant, equipment and its contents.
  • Ensure that [unit/department/division] is in compliance with all applicable policies, laws and regulations.
  • Consults and advises administration and the Board of Directors for plans and programs for the institutions facilities and progress of major construction and renovation projects.
  • Shows sound judgment in negotiating contractual arrangements concerning maintenance, landscaping, and construction.
  • Directs the management of maintenance construction and repair of the buildings and grounds.
  • Maintains a program to insure scheduled preventive maintenance is adhered to as set forth by hospital and department policies.
  • Provides administrative oversight for the Fire and Safety programs.
  • Serves on a variety of committees, recommending approval of institutional policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for the oversight and evaluation of contractual arrangements concerning maintenance, landscaping and construction.
  • Directs the obtaining of local building, state and federal environmental permits. Monitors local, state and federal regulations to ensure institutional compliance.


  • H.S. graduate or equivalent. Minimum 5 8 years Plant Maintenance management experience and/or BA/BS Degree.
  • Successful completion of site personnel general orientation.
  • Successful completion of department specific orientation.
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