Operating Engineer

Job Title


Responsible to

Engineering Director/Chief Engineer and/or Assistant Chief Engineer

Responsible for



To effectively and efficiently operate and maintain all HVAC and related equipment, providing environmental control to the property and to perform maintenance from tenant requests.

Job Functions

Essential Functions

  • Maintains good tenant and client relations through prompt and courteous response to all service requests within the guidelines set forth by JLL.
  • Makes adjustments and changes on HVAC equipment

1. Chiller and reheat adjustments for proper operation.

2. Building environmental controls.

3. Starts and stops equipment.

  • Performs general maintenance and operation of central plant, package units and HVAC equipment.
  • Monitors systems for potential problems (or existing problems) and formulates solutions to be presented to the Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer for appropriate action.
  • Performs all maintenance in a safe manner. Follows corporate safety programs
  • Assists in training of all personnel in operation and maintenance procedures involved within the property.
  • Proficient with building automation system and controls
  • Reviews on a regular basis and is prepared to follow all current emergency procedures set forth by JLL and the assigned property.
  • Maintains ethical, professional and courteous relations with contractors.
  • Acts as a team member with all employees of the management staff.
  • Complies with all written JLL and regional company policies.
  • Purchases parts and supplies according to company policy as directed by Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer.
  • Makes adjustments and changes to HVAC and related equipment to maintain established comfort zones.   These adjustments and changes must be within the guidelines set forth by the Chief Engineer and/or Assistant Chief Engineer. Interfacing with utilities as necessary (outage problems, access to meters, testing, etc.)
  • Coordinating with third party day porter(s) -- (getting equipment repairs completed, e.g. a broken dispenser or flush valve replacement)
  • Meeting regularly w/HR Manager & IT staff on various facilities issues. 
  • Coordinating work order activity with Receptionist (via Corrigo)
  • Oversee the security infrastructure (keying, cameras, DVR, card access equipment)  (programming of cards not this person’s responsibility)
  • Available to respond to after-hours emergencies
  • Coordinating generator testing & refueling
  • Assist with on site or off site storage
  • Minor adds/moves of electrical outlets
  • Fire/life safety systems testing & coordinating repair/test vendors, fire extinguishers, pre-action system, signage
  • Interface with landlord/property management on any landlord services (landscaping, exterior lighting, trash enclosure, parking, relationships with utilities, etc.)
  • Engineer should be able to self-perform most things; coordinate third party service vendors as needed (extra janitorial, electrician, plumber, trash pickup, pest control, carpet cleaning, recycling, coffee service, vending, etc.)
  • Self-perform or coordinate outside vendors for: painting, minor furniture assembly & repairs, flooring repairs, picture & monitor hanging.
  • Aids in the ordering, stocking and inventory of parts and supplies as directed by the Chief Engineer or Assistant Chief Engineer.

  • Essential Physical Abilities

  • Visually inspect machinery and building.
  • Walks up and down stairs for inspections and emergency procedure practice or implementation.
  • Detects emergency alarms - auditory and/or visual.
  • Window washing equipment inspections are made by examining the rig.
  • Security and roof inspections are conducted on top of stairwells with no elevator service.
  • Cleaning inspections require getting on hands and knees to inspect inaccessible areas.
  • Ability to work weekends and extended hours.
  • Climb ladders to adjust airflow and make inspections above ceiling

  • Essential Knowledge and Skills

  • Determines time, place and sequence of operation or action to be taken on the basis of analysis of data; executes determinations and/or reports on events.
  • Maintains calm demeanor in emergency situations.
  • Applies principles of rational systems to solve practical problems and deals with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.
  • Interprets a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagrammatic or schedule form.
  • Computes discount, interest, profit and loss, commission, markup and selling price, ratio and proportion and percentage.  Calculates surfaces, volumes, weights and measures.
  • Reads manuals, safety rules, instructions in the use and maintenance of shop tools and equipment, and methods and procedures in mechanical drawing and layout work.
  • Writes reports using all forms of speech with proper format, punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • Speaks before an audience with confidence using correct English.
  • Experience

    Two years of plant or building experience.


    High School Diploma, Universal CFC

    Working Environment

    Indoors – 80%

    Outdoors – 20%

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