Digital Court Reporter

🎧 Experienced as a reporter or curious about becoming one? Learn about the bright career Veritext has to offer in an industry thriving through the pivot to remote work.

️ Digital Reporters are a part of a team of independent contractors who officiate legal proceedings and capture a record of the event through audio recordings and note taking. Learn more and see our suitability quiz at .

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Job Requirements:

Job duties include: 

  1. Managing the proceedings as an independent arbiter of the record
  2. Swearing-in witnesses and acting as Notary of the State
  3. Generating a clear and complete recording of the proceeding using high-fidelity audio technology
  4. Creating accurate and detailed annotations of case events and terminology to serve as a guide for subsequent transcription.

Qualifications and Skills

  1. Ability to obtain a state Notary Commission/License
  2. Confidence to moderate a legal proceeding and swear in a witness
  3. High School or GED required minimally
  4. English speaking, with ability to read and write fluently
  5. Proficient with technology, including fast and accurate typing (40 WPM)
  6. A laptop with Windows operating system with at minimum a Quad Core Processor. (Chromebooks, Macs, Tablets, Linux IOS and Apple IOS are not compatible with the software that we use.) 
  7. Additional recording hardware to capture legal proceedings including microphones, a backup recorder, memory cards, over-the-ear headphones, and cables to connect everything. 
  8. Professional, punctual and presentable
Published 4 days ago
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