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iLoveKickboxing - Midlothian VA
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iLoveKickboxing - Midlothian, VA

2017 Walmart Way
Midlothian, VA

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  • J Pigott
    November 2016
    You will have a great workout the staff are very friendly and helpful. Be prepared to to sweat
  • Megan Woody-Davis
    November 2016
    I joined this week and I already feel like part of the family. You arent thrown to the wolves, its a great workout where a partner and someone encouraging you is just a couple feet away. Great music and i leave feeling so accomplished! Not to mention one of the cleanist gym's ive been in. The bathroom is so stocked with any product you forgot to put in your gym bag, Amazing place thats putting me on my way to my goals! OH YEAAAA
  • Charlie C Wilson
    November 2016
    I love kickboxing is awesome! I can't recommend it enough. The staff are absolutely lovely, the space is clean, and you kick butt in every class. I already feel a difference in a few weeks.
  • Portia ONeal
    November 2016
    The best workout EVER!!! Seeing major results in just 2 months. Losing lbs, body fat & inches all at the same time. Awesome instructors who keep you motivated & make each class fun. Love my #ILKBfam
  • Yolanda Sharp
    November 2016
    iLoveKickboxing Midlothian Tpke VA! If you are looking for a full body workout that gives you results, then look no further. Not only do you lose weight and tone every muscle in your body, but they also teach you how to box and how to protect yourself. As a woman learning to kick box, it is so empowering and it is all done having a lot of fun. The great Instructors – Pam, Be, Lo, CJ, Superb and Aaron II, are awesome! They motivate you from start to finish and make you feel like family. I am so glad that I became a member and look forward to wearing my sweater dress and looking great this holiday!!!
  • Christina Nestor
    November 2016
    El personal es increíble, y es la razón más grande que seguir volviendo! Me siento más motivado para venir porque puedo sentir cómo ellos * quieren * para ayudar a ponerme en forma. Te dan mucho apoyo aquí! Además de los entrenamientos, obtiene consejos de ajuste todos los días y comparten recetas saludables e ideas con usted. Puedo sentir la diferencia cada día, y esto demuestra cuánto más puedo hacer. Cada entrenamiento puedo correr un poco más, golpear un poco más difícil, y hacer más burpees que la última vez! Recomiendo encarecidamente este lugar a todo el mundo, especialmente la gente que puede tener un tiempo difícil con sus objetivos debido a la motivación.
  • Wilma McDonald
    November 2016
    The most awesome way to stay fit and have fun. The facilities and staff are top-notch, and I highly recommend this studio/workout to anyone looking for a change to their fitness routine.
  • Mayra
    November 2016
    ILoveKickboxing is changing my life I am so happy to see the results in just two months of workingout, the staff is so friendly and with a lot of energy I love them. I recommend it 100%
  • Jacki
    November 2016
    ilovekickboxing is AWESOME! The instrctors are patient, supportive and caring. I feel great after wa full body workout for 1 hour. My friends and coworkers have seen a difference since I have started just 1 month ago. I look forward to class each week. I would highly recommend ILKB to the whole world! It fits my work schedule. Coming to class here makes working out fun.
  • Leigha Wilson
    January 2017
    I've been to this gym a handful of times and already I feel like part of the group! Some days its been just me and one other person working out and others times the place has been full. Regardless the energy is so high and the staff is absolutely amazing! They are so happy and confident and completely motivating. They walk around during the actual kickboxing and help everyone perfect their stances and movement. I can already see it changing my body. So wonderful! I highly recommend at least trying one of their trial classes - so if you love it as much as I do!
  • Adam Walger
    January 2017
    I was looking for a great place that can help me get back into shape again and I found it at ILKB! From day one they push you and keep you motivated. Facebook groups, contests, and members challenging one another to do better. I was apprehensive at first but that was gone within 5 minutes of my first class! The instructors are hands on and everyone is there because they made the decision to come to class. I Love KickBoxing!
  • Amanda Morelli
    February 2017
    My daughter and I joined in December hoping to find a program that we enjoyed and wouldn't get bored with. We found it at ILKB. The workouts are amazing and the staff there are phenomenal.
  • Linda Horgan
    March 2017
    I Love Kickboxing is the BEST!! The staff is AMAZING!! Life changing, you have to try it!!!
  • Kapricia Hunnibunz Morris
    March 2017
    Most importantly, I love going at least 1-2 times a week, but you can go as often as you like! I would suggest bringing a towel (you WILL sweat), wear comfortable workout gear, and you can wear socks or go barefoot (more stable for balance), and bring a healthy attitude! And I forgot to mention, you will receive a brand new pair of black boxing gloves when you sign up! One of the reasons why I wanted to sign up ...shhhhh... HAHA.
  • Tracy
    April 2017
    Love this place. It is such a great alternative to the usual gym workout. It is a great fun and supportive environment. It is the encouragement from the staff (who are the BEST) that keeps me coming back for more. Plus what better way to release stress than punching a kicking a bag.
  • Tabitha
    April 2017
    I recently moved to VA and was looking for a fitfam to be a part of, and I found it here at ilovekickboxing Walmart way! Pam, CJ, and Bianca have been nothing but helpful and supportive!! Couldn't recommend it more.
  • Kate Aliyssa
    July 2017
    I have been looking for the best workout and personal training wasn't cutting it. I ran into CJ at a bridal show and won a few free lessons. I went in thinking " I'll use these free lessons and that will be enough to get me through the summer." I was suddenly swept off my feet by the amazing instructors, the support shown between members, and the fantastic facility. I was impressed to say the least and HOOKED! I now go 3-4 times a week, and I signed up for a full year! If you are looking for an actual family or team feeling work out, along with a full and I mean FULL workout, this is where you want to be!
  • Sarah
    July 2017
    I love this company! The workouts are fun and the perfect stress relief! The instructors are truly dedicated to your fitness goals and treat you like family! I have never felt so strong and confident!
  • Orquidea Rojas
    August 2017
    iLoveKickboxing - Midlothian VA ILovekickboxing Walmart way es el mejor lugar que pude encontrar para hacer ejercicio, en pocos días sientes el trabajo en tus musculos, el staff es maravilloso! siempre al pendiente de que hagas correctamente los ejercicios, es un ambiente amigable, simplemente me encanta!
  • Erin Brown
    November 2017
    iLoveKickboxing is the best investment I've made in myself. The staff are so friendly and uplifting. They are always there to help and they definitely keep the workouts interesting. Their playlists are awesome and keep me motivated. I count my calorie burn and it's consistently between 600 - 900 per workout! The other members are super-supportive. I love that you can take the workout at your own pace. I can't recommend it enough!
  • Salina Mejia
    December 2017
    iLoveKickboxing is great! The staff is so fun and motivating and the workouts are really helping me to challenge myself. Can’t recommend it enough!!!
  • Wiggy Fon Shakira
    January 2018
    I found ilovekickboxing when I was stagnant in my get healthy efforts. It has been great! The instructors are fun & encouraging.
  • Cielito Saa
    January 2018
    I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! It's my stress reliever. I really enjoy coming in and having the instructors help me out with my positions and workouts. They are ALL AMAZING!!!!! ILKB has changed my life!! I always look forward on going to class and getting a kick ass workout! Totally recommend this place!! :)
  • Natalie Rausch
    July 2018
    Super addictive! ILKB Kickboxing has become more of a hobby than just a workout. The trainers are so uplifting, funny and caring. The studio is clean and welcoming. No gym intimidation here. I have been a member for about three months now and I'm already seeing improvements; both physically and mentally. Additionally, I have made some great new friends. Classes are intense but fun, before you know it you'll have burned tons of calories and this in just an hour. I highly recommend giving #ilkbwalmartway a try. I guarantee you'll fall in love with it.
  • Montana Nicole Calabrese
    July 2018
    Great workout! i love it here! instructors are motivating and helpful and i leave feeling like I have worked out hard and accomplished something.
  • JoAnn McCoy
    August 2018
    I'm NOT a gym person, but when I heard about ilovekickboxing, I knew I'd love working out. It feels so good to relieve daily stress by hitting and kicking my way through a workout!!! The instructors make it so entertaining, and they are ready to help keep you on track when you look a little lost. There is always some kind of challenge to achieve too! The facility is clean and not smelly like a gym or anything. You will not regret becoming a member here!!
  • Ashley Winslow Kusterer
    January 2019
    iLoveKickboxing is incredible! The trainers are so friendly, motivating and upbeat. The workout is challenging and a ton of fun. I can’t wait to go back for another class!
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