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TruGreen Sales - McDonough
1910 Brannan Rd
McDonough, GA

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  • Se Choe
    April 2018
    I think TruGreen has better product than other. As long as good service technician treat your lawn as suppose, you will like your lawn. Luckily, I have such service technician, Sean Watkins.
  • Sarajane
    April 2018
    We have fewer weeds than we did after our yard had been treated by a local competitor.
  • Tony markham
    May 2018
    The service does exactly what they say it will do. Worth the price. Technicians are timely and thorough.
  • Sonji D Stuckey
    July 2018
    If there is a problem with service and you weren’t satisfied with what was done , they will come out and redo for free of charge so you able to see results within 7 days.
  • Edward Barnes
    July 2018
    Having professionals come to your home and transform your yard into an oasis of noteworthy beauty is a great responsibility and Trugreen has that responsibility and I enjoy telling my neighbors and others that I have someone that I can count on to take care of that awesome task. I am so happy that I made the phone call of turning my lawn over to Trugreen.˜
  • James Lewis
    July 2018
    The technician is very knowledgeable about the lawn care and was very polite. He answered all my questions.
  • John Stewart
    July 2018
    I've been a satisfied customer of Tru Green for many years and the experience has always been positive.
  • Dante Cummings
    July 2018
    In the 7 years Trugreen has been taking care on my lawn I have only had one issue and once I voiced my concern it was quickly rectified. They are truely professionals.
  • Isiah Ricks
    July 2018
    I was reluctant to hire Trugreen because of subpar customer service from a few years ago. I was promised by a Trugreen representative that since the company changed management, I would receive satisfying customer service. He is right . I am really pleased of the service I have received. It appears that Trugreen stands behind their word of great lawn maintenance and customer satisfaction.
  • Rickey Stinchcomb
    July 2018
    I've been in my home for over 15 years and was never able to get my grass to grow pretty, but now that True Green has started treating my grass, I notice the changes already, the weeds are gone and the grass is growing fast and pretty bright green. I will continue letting True Green treat my yard, Great Job.
  • N Davis
    August 2018
    They always let me know when they're coming. They ring the door bell to let me know they're in the yard. They follow the contract on number of treatments.
  • Henrietta Murphy-Jones
    August 2018
    Great, need to communicate better with customers. Most people want to communicate what they need, what they want or don't want and the job is done right.
  • Ann Watkins
    September 2018
    I have been satisfied with service. I did have a negative experience with agent misinformed us about the so-called discount he told us he was giving for an additional service he was offered.
  • Jacqueline Lewis
    September 2018
    Haven't seen improvement yet. This is my 1st treatment. The service guy was professional and answered all my questions
  • Clarice Presley
    September 2018
    That this is the best lawn care I have every had. Trugreen really does a good job. I have never been as pleased as i am with Trugreen.
  • Anil Augustine
    September 2018
    The service technician is excellent, and the crab grass on my lawn are gone now because of your service.
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