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TruGreen Sales - Ft Collins CO
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TruGreen Sales - Ft Collins CO

798 N Denver Ave
Loveland, CO

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  • John Stacy
    November 2017
    Completely satisfied with TruGreen service over the last year. Treatments have been effective & timely. Service rep has been very friendly, knowledgeable and prompt.
  • James Simmons
    November 2017
    I have a neurological disease and I'm really happy that I've put my trust in True Green. They've done a truly great job for the last four years, since I've been back in Colorado. They not only keep up with my lawn, they also are in charge of my trees and shrubs, and there are several on my property. Like I said, I am very happy with the job they do.
  • Cary Nickolls
    January 2018
    My better half recently passed away and I just couldn't get my butt in gear for a while. My yard suffered for it and it showed. I elected this past year to use TruGreen to make up for my short comings. My bare patches started filling in and my yard looks great, in spite of my lack of attention.
  • April Hook
    January 2018
    We moved in to our home one year ago we didn't know that the trees we had in our yard were unhealthy but a TruGreen employee pointed out the peeling bark and droopy appearance of our trees. After one season of tree treatments our trees look grate and will have a longer life. TruGreen saved our trees and we are thankful for that.
  • Vadim Malkov
    January 2018
    This company cares and strives to improve their services.
  • Magdeline ortiz
    January 2018
    Our lawn did show signs of improvement this summer. The lawn looked greener and felt more lush to step on. I would recommend services to family and friends. I like the communication about services rendered each visit.
  • doug turner
    March 2018
    Keep me up to date on what is going on and what I need for my lawn. All ways at a top level.
  • Pam Bergeland
    May 2018
    The lawn specialist that came knocked on the door and talked to me so I could tell him of any problems with my trees and shrubs, and stop my dogs from going outside. He did a great job fertilizing all of my trees and bushes. He did not "cut corners" but took great care of all my vegetation.
  • Richard Woolf
    June 2018
    TruGreen lawn service was the best care we've ever had for our lawn. Our lawn is such a vibrant green and void of most weeds. We are extremely happy now about our lawn.
  • Cheryl Martin
    August 2018
    The technician has always communicated with us in all that he does and also shows a personal caring towards our lawn situation as if it were his own. Also, the time he is to arrive at our home is very accurate. Had to cancel one day due to grandchildren being at our house and he was out the very next day. Thank you.
  • Judith Wigthman
    August 2018
    Exceptional service every time. My questions were always answered politely.
  • Jarrod Chacon
    August 2018
    Very professional and knowledgeable, helped revive my dying lawn and has it looking like one of the best in the neighborhood.
  • John Mark Perdue
    September 2018
    TruGreen has been very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in providing lawn care service. Our lawn has benefited from the applications and it is great to have a healthy looking lawn.
  • Roslyn Wikoff
    October 2018
    This single mom has help taking care of my lawn with Trugreen!! They show care on my lawn. Really appreciate that.
  • Karin Thompson
    October 2018
    I love not having to buy and use weed and feed and they do a great job. Staffs are informative when I ask questions or if I have a concerns.
  • Gene Gillespie
    October 2018
    Trugreen has been very good and time the treatment for my lawn throughout the year. Will highly recommend your service to my friends and family.
  • Brad Adams
    October 2018
    New customer, so far my yard looks fantastic!!! They will comeback if there's problem in the service in free cost.
  • Judy Wightman
    October 2018
    Exceptional service. There's no others excellent company than you are Trugreen. Satffs are professional.
  • Daniel Palomares
    October 2018
    Very good quality service. They really care on the lawn as their own, it really shows their hardwork on it.
  • Clay Plahn
    October 2018
    Convenient. Services are excellent as their technicians. Informative when I ask questions or if I have concerns.
  • Jack J
    October 2018
    Lawn looked great all year. Probably used their services again and again. Job well done Trugreen.
  • Doug Turner
    October 2018
    Great service and know age of lawn care. always on time. give us call when they coming to do the service.
  • Sherryl Brandes
    October 2018
    Excellent service. Knock the door before coming in. Professionals and know how to respect their customers.
  • Steve Lynn
    October 2018
    I've been a Tru-Green customer for a number of years both in IA & CO. I appreciate their "heads-up" notice when my regular service is scheduled, and their willingness to address all my concerns. The techs are always courteous.
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