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TruGreen Production - Manchester
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TruGreen Production - Manchester

15 Delta Dr
Londonderry, NH
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  • Stephen and Jo-Ann Catman
    November 2017
    That since I have had TruGreen as my lawn care people, my lawn and my shrubs and trees , my yard is beautiful. and many of my neighbors have and are trying to bring their own yards into the level. I always tell them that TruGreen has been a major factor.
  • Susan Huff
    November 2017
    TruGreen provides quality, affordable lawn care. Friendly, knowledgeable techs work in a timely fashion to attend to all your yard needs.
  • Dave Hoenig
    November 2017
    Jeff was great. Knew what he was doing and provided me with some tips while he was there to make my lawn better. I would hope that if I sign up again next year he will be the person do do the service on my lawn.
  • Peter Kujawski
    November 2017
    The technician is exceptionally courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. He gave me candid advice on a lingering moss problem. He laid down two treatments today efficiently and thoroughly.
  • Pat Meattey
    November 2017
    TRUGREEN totally alleviated our mosquito problem. For the first time in over 20 years, we can enjoy our outdoors and use our deck as an extension of our living area. I cannot give enough accolades about this wonderful service! TRUGREEN has earned a customer for life!
  • Jacqueline Platt
    November 2017
    TruGreen is always responsive to questions or problems. I would like a way to contact the person who actually took care of my lawn. Otherwise, I like the reports left on my door by the rep.
  • William Dietrich
    December 2017
    This is my first year using a service, prior to this I always did my own program using the 5 step programs available from box stores. I tried this and was very satisfied with the service and the scheduling. They did it on a timely basis and provided other treatments that didn't cost anymore that helped my lawn. My lawn has never looked better. I always seemed to be late, never enough time and my lawn suffered. I would recommend the "pros" doing the job it is well worth a few extra dollars to get the job done right. You won't regret the choice and you'll love the communication that you get before and after appointments.
  • Ernest Paul
    December 2017
    Awesome Technician, Charles is a very good representative for Trugreen.
  • Bill Dietrich
    February 2018
    Tried the service last season after years of doing my own lawn maintenance. My lawn has never looked better, and consistently green, healthy and it really cost about the same as if I bought my products. I realized that I wasn't consistent in my applications and totally missed the weed timing. My neighbor is a fanatic about his lawn and came over to ask what I did with mine because it looked so much better than his. I am hooked.
    February 2018
    TruGreen applications are great. My only wish is that the homeowner would get notified when applications were going to be applied.
  • Danna Raupp
    February 2018
    Our front lawn has looked really good since we've used Tru-Green, lush and green without any bare spots. We have not been as satisfied with how our side lawns look, they have been brown during the Summer.
  • Len Bonfanti
    March 2018
    wNnPTlMRqgVfZOQAI am very pleased with the people that take care of my lawn and shrubs, we work together to take care of problems before they get out of hand.
  • Ernie Paul
    April 2018
    My TruGreen Lawn Service provides a beautiful view of the greenest/healthiest weed free lawn in the neighborhood!
  • Robert Lavoie
    May 2018
    Excellent service. Cordial and polite service people and very good pre-payment price.
  • Dawn
    June 2018
    The results are visible, they are not overnight but in the past year, you can really see a difference in our lawn. Call in advance to know that they are coming to do the service.
  • Kimberly Peckham-Cox
    June 2018
    That you are on top of all the application timing, you communicate what and when you are doing the applications, pricing is reasonable and the lawn looks great.
  • Douglas romano
    June 2018
    Very professional company. Our family would recommend true green to everyone. The quality of the products used is fantastic , our outdoor spaces have never looked better
  • Georgia Marquis
    June 2018
    That you're the best and our lawn has never looked so good since it's been in your hands
  • Patricia
    June 2018
    Yes the customer service and trugreen employees are the most curtious, helpful, and professional crew. I've been a customer for years and I've never had a bad experience. The best!!!
  • John Luongo
    June 2018
    I have been a happy customer for over 20 years. I will continue to be a customer because I think they do a wonderful job and I can trust them to always deliver a great service. Thank you!
  • Kyle Richards
    August 2018
    Fairly satisfied with the 3 services so far. Looking forward to what the remaining treatments.
  • Carol Linehan
    August 2018
    This is my first year with TRUGREEN and so far my interaction with them has been first rate. They have answered all my questions and have returned to my home any time I had questions as to what was going on with my lawn.
  • Glenn Jutras
    August 2018
    In General the lawn care experience is good. The Tree &; Shrub service is excellent. The technician is very knowledgeable
  • Richard Marshall
    September 2018
    I have been very happy with Trugreen these past ten years. Their service is excellent and they are very responsive to specific problems should they arise.
  • Valerie Salem
    September 2018
    You're there when you say you're going to be and very efficient.
  • Danna Raupp
    October 2018
    We have the best looking lawn in the entire neighborhood!
  • Richard Treichler
    October 2018
    Great Service! Very pleased with the long term results. Service people are easy to work with being pleasant when servicing the lawn.
  • Ed Juengst
    October 2018
    Always reliable, thorough and effective. Great service. Recommend them to my firnds and others.
  • David Booner
    October 2018
    My lawn looks like it belongs on a golf course. Green and thick, i love to play in it.
  • Ron Breton
    October 2018
    Great service and communication and good results and value. Technicians are very professional in their work.
  • Jason J
    October 2018
    Good service. Quick work. No hassles. They will be the one to make it so beautiful and wonderful lawn.
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