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TruGreen Sales - Somerset PA
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TruGreen Sales - Somerset PA

108 Allenbill Dr
Johnstown, PA
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  • Martin Brasted
    May 2018
    Generally very cooperative local workers, and receptive to inquiries, questions and guidance what best done for me. Hard some times to deal with phone people that call from all parts of the country, as don't know local conditions or schedules.
  • Gregory Foreman
    May 2018
    I've been a customer for years and have been really happy with my lawn results! Bart Patrick is my lawn care specialist, and he does an awesome job!!
  • Tom Kawa
    May 2018
    I have been a Trugreen customer for over 20+ years and have alwalys been staisfied with the services provided. The personnel at the Johnstown office have alwalys been friendly and customer oriented.
  • chuck chamberlain
    May 2018
    quickly resolved a previous problem with my lawn Phil was great to deal with on our issue
  • Jeff slep
    June 2018
    Lawn looks much better since starting up with tru green. Still had that green lawn :)
  • Patricia Champlin
    July 2018
    Our lawn looks so much better than last year. Our lawn specialist is great. Very polite and knowledgeable.
  • Richard roble
    July 2018
    I have neglected my yards for so many years and always said this year I will get around to it. I never did and the weeds were overtaking my lawn. I saw immediate improvement for the first treatment. My lawn looks healthy and I no longer cut it short to hide the over crop of weeds I once had. My lawn is fuller, greener and the grass looks great. I was amazed at the improvement I have gotten. My wife and I could not be more pleased. If you are on the fence try it and I think you will see the difference like I we did!
  • Bill Radlosky
    July 2018
    My yard has never looked better. My technician is awesome, always talks to us before and after the application, and informs us with what and when he is doing. Great job all around. Thanks
  • Wm Bingler Jr
    August 2018
    Ive been with true green chem lawn for over 30 years and Ive been very pleased with their service over this time. Whenever I had a question on something they always called me back and took care of the issue very quickly never a charge for a redo.
  • Thomas Marino
    October 2018
    I called about the problem it was quickly taken care of. Jeffrey Moore came out and went above and beyond to correct all issues.
  • Blair Packer
    October 2018
    Except for mowing, my yard is virtually maintenance free!
  • Frank Rimbeck
    October 2018
    It works and the servicemen are very helpful on my lawn. Knows what he is doing, professional one.
  • Jeff Diehl
    October 2018
    Great technicians, they made my lawn healthy , greenand thick. I love your service. Thanks Trugreen.
  • Leonard X Jendrejeski
    October 2018
    I now have a great lawn and love the fact that TRUGREEN does all the work. I don't have to worry about the weeds, keep up te good work Trugreen.
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