Senior Software Engineer

Design clear and concise REST service interfaces, and create corresponding documentation.
Mentor junior team members in proper application design and security.
Build and manage reliable software in a service-oriented environment, have such software operate at high-performance, demonstrated scalability and high reliability.
Support technical leadership for the development team at a technical development level.
Champion policies, procedures, and standards and ensure their conformance with department and enterprise objectives.
Ensure that the quality of the software solutions offered is high, including ensuring proposed software solutions that cost-effectively meet internal customer's objectives.
Effectively resolve production problems in a timely manner by rapidly organizing and deploying the appropriate resources.
Continuously review problems to determine the root cause in order to prevent them in the future.
Ensure that secure coding practices are thoroughly enforced.
Effectively communicate software solution expectations to internal customers, team members and other stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion.
Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve development goals.
Ensure alignment between prescribed architecture and the team's goals and objectives.
Skills and Knowledge:
Strong technical background, great communication skills, and a motivation to achieve results in a fast paced environment.
Ability to deliver simple and elegant software solutions, customer-centric products, utilizing agile development processes and establish skills in designing and developing simple solutions to complex problems.
Results-oriented, customer-focused with a passion to resolve tough technical and operational challenges.
Ability to engage in a team of software development engineers and work with senior management, engineering principals, and the product team.
Effectively help shape the business requirements, bring high quality customer experience to market by owning the development of and operating business critical software services.
Possess excellent problem solving abilities.
Inspire internal customer confidence in the technical abilities, service attitude, and business knowledge of the IT department.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to a variety of audiences.
Experience leading technical teams.
Experience working with Spring Core, Java, and creating REST services & documentation.
Demonstrated technical ability to create enhancements to primary and supporting websites, web applications and infrastructure.
Proven experience in software development, maintenance and delivery with application server experience.
Established track record of successful system and project implementations.
Effectively translated complex customer requirements, recommended system solutions, and helped formulate detailed specifications.
Demonstrated ability to document development including database design, application design and ongoing documentation of changes and modifications for complex applications.
Effectively developed in distributed teams.
Demonstrated experience with N-tiered applications, multi-tier architecture, and production internet architectures.
Produced complex design and technical specifications as required for technical documentation.
Demonstrated ability to learn and adapt to continuously changing technology.
Published 3 days ago
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