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TruGreen Production - Grand Haven MI
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TruGreen Production - Grand Haven MI

13990 172nd Ave
Grand Haven, MI
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  • James Culver
    December 2017
    These guys do a pretty decent job in caring for my lawn. They usually respond quickly when issues pop up, and are willing to resolve problems.
  • Jeff Sotok
    December 2017
    Great experience for my first year using TruGreen. Would recommend giving them a try. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Kirk Scheerhorn
    December 2017
    Feeling that there is a genuine effort to improve/maintain our yard
  • Dawn Dziura
    February 2018
    I have always had excellent service from your staff be it the phone operators or the gentlemen who come to my home. They do very fast and excellent job while on my property and answer all my questions. They are knowledgeable and are very friendly. Good job with their training. Recommend them to all my friends.
  • Dustin Ekkens
    February 2018
    Lawn looks fantastic, the best it has in the last 6 years. Each time I have had interaction with the lawn care specialist they have been extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The phone call ahead of time making me aware of the day the service will be provided is extremely helpful. Overall, great experience and highly satisfied.
  • Jerry and Diana Mokma
    March 2018
    Our lawn always looks the best in the neighborhood. In all the years we have used Tru-green, we only had them come out once for missed weeds and they did it right away. I will continue to use them for the homes I flip. It helps to sell the home faster with a beautiful green lawn.
  • Marti Disler
    March 2018
    I had a very positive experience. The only negative thing (which really isnt negative) is that the grass grew so much that it needed to be mowed twice a week. That was difficult for me as I pay someone to mow & it would have been too costly to pay two times a week. Grass looked beautiful. I do have underground sprinkling.
  • Stan Van Kolken
    March 2018
    Lawn was full of weeds and looking thin and worn out but after two years of regular applications of feed and weed killer, it is looking much better. Technicians came as scheduled and were very efficient.
  • Morris Braafhart
    April 2018
    The best lawn has ever looked, I am very pleased with the service!
  • Alan Hall
    April 2018
    TrueGreen schdules my appointments at appropriate intervals. Thsy notify 4-5 days ahead of time so I have an opportunity to rake or remove lawn furnature. Overall, I am happy with their service.
  • Betty L Kolean
    April 2018
    I have been using TruGreen for over 10 years &; really appreciate the way they work. They are always here when they say they will be, technicians are cordial &; friendly as well as knowledgeable. If I am not happy with how my lawn looks, a phone call takes care of that with rapid response to my problem areas. They can take care of whatever the problem is, moles, dead spots, weeds that are really stubborn. They are reasonably priced for a senior citizen to afford. Thanks Trugreen for being there for me!
  • Jon Cox
    May 2018
    TruGreen has taken care of my lawn for many years now. Every year my neighbors fight with some week problems. I have not have any week problems. I enjoy look out at my nice green lawn every summer.
  • Georgia Bennett
    May 2018
    That you are very good at customer service and do a good job even when your not at home. I have a neighbor that saw you come last year and she said the person did a really good job at doing all the lawn not just here and there. I like how they tell you if you cut the grass to short and what your lawn would need from their observations
  • David Gage
    June 2018
    Service is first class. If you have any problems or questions related to their service they are there to fix it at no additional cost. Fantastic!
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