DIRECT HIRE General labor jobs!!!!!

Looking for a new career? We have DIRECT HIRE general labor jobs available around the Janesville area!!!! Direct hire positions are permanent, full-time positions with benefits. All general labor positions start off at $12.50/hr., and offer a shift premium: Shifts available: 1st- 6am-2pm 2nd- 2pm-10pm 3rd- 10pm-6am Shift premiums: 2nd- .30 3rd- .45 6pm-6am- .45 Overtime is paid time and half: The 8 hour positions may work up to 7 days in a row at 8 hours per day. After the 7th day they can request a day off. The 12 hour positions are not required to work OT at this time, but can volunteer to work on the days they are not scheduled. Apply here today OR call us at 608-752-7558 for more information!!! Don't miss this opportunity!
Job Responsibilities
• To develop a working knowledge of production schedules; learning to read and follow schedule instructions.
• To form and assemble cases to meet production requirements/specifications.
• Monitor auto filled bags or trays for required fill weight, back seal, end seal, label placement, date code and label accuracy to requirements/specifications.
• Reports deviations from product requirements to the operators or supervisors.
• Ensures that cases enter the case sealer correctly.
• Visually inspects products and ingredients for blemishes or other flaws, extraneous vegetable material or discolored units.
• Stops production to report any serious deviation from requirements/specifications, or malfunction of line equipment.
• To maintain area housekeeping.
• To assist operators with start up, production, change over and shut down of production.
• Any other duties assigned by management. Qualifications
• Meet the communication requirements to perform all duties.
• Must learn and follow food handling and packaging practices.
• Must learn and follow safe working practices.
• Must learn and follow good manufacturing practices.
• Must learn and follow manufacturing control points and practices.
• Must learn and follow quality control points and practices.
• Must learn and follow critical control points and practices.
• Must learn and follow blood borne pathogens control and practices.
• Must learn and follow allergen control and practices.
• Must work well with others as a production team.
• Must have reliable/consistent attendance and attention to duties.
• Must work accurately with minimal supervision
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