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Trinity and Sons Emergency Locksmith

Trinity and Sons Emergency Locksmith can secure your valuables with hi-security padlocks. Call 704-550-3378.

1401 Kingscross Dr
Charlotte, NC
Payments Accepted Cash, Debit, American Express, Diners, Master Card, Discover, Visa

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  • Mariette Young
    March 2015
    I'm an idiot, Trinity and Sons Emergency Locksmith is not. I was carrying too many bags the other day and I am sure I dropped my keys somewhere in the parking lot. I looked all around and couldn't find them. I asked the guard at the store if anyone had turned them in, no one did. He suggested that I call this company, Trinity and Sons Emergency Locksmith. Several customers he knew had had a good experience using them in a similar situation. They came fast and opened my car for me. The crazy part of the story, I actually found my keys in the car on the floor. I'm an idiot. They charged me a small price for the service call.
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