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Guide to Spanish Speaking Doctors - Fayetteville, NC

Types of medical specialties

Mon 14 Apr 2014 04:42:49 PM EDT

At times driven by ignorance or poor common sense, we pay little attention to medical specialties before consulting a professional about a particular problem. A medical specialty is achieved as part of a postgraduate study or a medical degree. It provides the professional with specific knowledge, [...]
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How to choose a good doctor

Mon 24 Feb 2014 03:05:28 PM EST

It is difficult when you have to change doctors, you feel insecure by trusting your health with a new doctor when you were accustomed to the same one for most of your life. There are situations that require us to make a change when it comes to our health, so we ask the question, how do I choose my [...]
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So many diets to choose from… But which one works?
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Outdoor activities to do with your kids
Wed 23 Apr 2014 05:45:54 PM EDT

If you or your children find indoor activities boring, you can stimulate them to play outside. It will allow them to burn more energy along the day while enjoying some fresh air. And at the end of the day they will doze off faster and replenish for the next day. Take a walk down memory lane and [...]

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