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  • Veggie Kebabs with Paprika

    Veggie kebabs are a tasty way to enjoy meat or cheese! Either alone or as a side dish they are a wonderful choice for a family Sunday barbecue.
  • Salami Rolls

    Salami Rolls

    Excellent as a quick bite or a snack to take to work.
  • Quinoa Salad

    Smooth, light and super healthy! An excellent side dish to any summer meal.
  • Chicken Fajitas Kebabs

    Who can resist Rotisserie chicken? No one! Now imagine this… a marinated, crispy and juicy chicken…we bring you this tasty recipe for your next family occasion.
  • Colombian Pepper Sauce

    A tasty and fresh for your baked potatoes, french fries or roast beef. Make your choice, we’ll provide the perfect sauce!
  • Sweet Pumpkin Bread

    An ideal treat to serve with tea, coffee or milk
  • Seasoned Popcorn

    Delicious, crunchy sweet and sour popcorn, seasoned perfectly to taste. Hmmm… Finger licking good!
  • Champurrado- Mexican Chocolate Drink

    A recipe to enjoy during the winter months and cold days. Ideal to add new flavors on those rainy evenings!
  • Barbecued Ribs

    An American classic for your table with a tasty Latin touch!
  • Nicaraguan Minced Meat

    A traditional dish of Nicaraguan food served with rice and colored beans.